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The Revolutionary

Champion Maintenance Program

Save your community time & money. 


Key Features of the
Champion Maintenance Program

Dedicated Technicians.

You will receive a certified and insured Champion Property Services technician, who is dedicated to your property's needs. Need a Fence fixed?

We will have someone there right away.

Faster Timelines.

Need a wall painted? Great, we will have someone right out there. By pre-paying for the labor at a discounted rate, all the technician has to do is get the materials. Without this program, you would have to wait for an estimate to be drafted, sent over, and then approved.

This results in 33% Faster Turnaround Times!

Save on our Services.

By pre-paying for labor, we are better able to forecast our company and therefore become more streamlined. Because of this, we are able to pass those benefits on to our customers by way of a significant discount on construction projects in your community.


What's Covered:

Building Exteriors: Stucco, Welding, Siding, Carpentry, Carports, Decks, Stairs, Framing, Trim, Wood Repair and Replacement, Concrete, Sidewalks, Driveways, and Foundation, Pressure Washing, Door, and Gate Hardware, Lighting, Masonry, Balconies, Fencing, Windows and just about any additional exterior work you could possibly imagine!

On-site amenities: (Installation and Repair): Benches, Bike Racks, Bulletin Boards, Entry Signs, Pet Waste Stations, Pool Furniture, Receptacles, Table-sets, Trash Cans, Painting. 

Building Interiors: Doors, Windows, Minor repairs, Drywall and Texture Repairs, Painting, and Fixture Replacement.  

Don't see it on the list?

Just ask, it's probably covered.

And if it's not, your association will receive a discount on that work.

Ready to learn more?

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