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The Value Behind Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is a systematic approach that aims to predict and prevent catastrophic failures before they occur. To accomplish this goal, credited construction companies such as Champion Property Services conduct routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs on an association's assets to ensure they work as intended.

As a rule of thumb, it’s better to prevent issues than react to them. Think of your car for example. A routine oil change might cost $50 a year, which is an annoying part of owning a car. But if you don't change your oil, you run the risk of a complete engine failure costing upwards of $5000. And of course, you didn't budget for an engine failure, so now you have to take out a loan to cover the damage.

In the same way as your car, if you don't perform preventive maintenance throughout your community, you run the risk of having an unexpected catastrophic failure. It might be as simple as a gate no longer opening due to rust, or even as extreme as a deck collapsing due to unseen dry rot damaging both the property as well as the people involved.

Preventive maintenance has two overarching goals: to increase asset longevity and productivity and to keep people and assets safe from harm.

When you set up a maintenance program with Champion, our first mission is to assess the current conditions of the property. We create a detailed report identifying any concerns and potential hazards. Through this identification process, we are then able to prioritize and forecast your communities construction needs creating a timeline for corrective & preventative repairs.

In community management, reactions to issues are unavoidable. Things can and will go wrong. However, property managers can take steps to promote safety and reduce reactionary maintenance by taking a proactive approach towards fixes.

Choose to maintain your property, and avoid costly headaches down the road!


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