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When is the Best Time for a Tune-Up?

In this post we breakdown the value behind Tune-Ups on your roofing systems.

What is a Roofing Tune-Up?

A roofing tune-up is a process in which a professional roofing contractor is hired to inspect the roof in great detail, beyond that of a basic inspection, to suggest and provide repairs as well as preventative maintenance with the intention to prolong the life of the roof. Performing an annual Tune-Up also aids in maintaining the Manufacturer's Warranty on your roof system.

What does a typical Roof tune-up include:?

  • A thorough assessment of the existing roof system, flashing, vents, etc.

  • Resealing pipe collars, fans, vents, and chimney flashing

  • Securing loosened shingles

  • Assessment of rafters and fascia for cracks, rot, or other issues

  • Exterior assessment for noticeable sagging

  • Minor Repairs and Debris Removal

  • Options to add gutter cleanings

  • Summary report of all findings and recommendations

When is the best time to perform a Tune-Up?

  • We traditionally offer our annual tune up service to our HOA clients around the late summer/early fall. By getting the roof inspected right before the rainy season, we are able to address any needs or concerns before they are exposed by the rain and damage is done to the building. Also, by performing the work right before the rainy season, you can rest assured that you will be protected.

Ready to schedule a #tuneup? Click the link below to get yours today!


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