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Think like a Raindrop.

When it comes to your Roof System...

The common belief is that rain is the enemy... But rain is not the cause of the problem!

Rain exposes the damage caused by the sun and the wind to your Roof System. This is one of the main reasons why our drought in Southern California is so dangerous! What people often fail to realize is that the more extreme the dry season... the more extreme the rainy season will be. This doesn't necessarily mean more days of rain however, what it does mean is that the intensity of each storm becomes more impactful. The deterioration caused to your roof during the arid months will be exploited by more acute storms which can result in more damage than expected.

Rain shows us the location of where the wind and sun damage occurred. This cycle starts from the date the roof system was installed. Most damages to roof systems occur during the summer and from hazardous weather conditions. ie: strong winds (which tear the roof material) and sunny days (which dry out the roof material.) Add in debris like dirt and leaves collecting on the roof system along with birds and other animals, and your roof turns into a ticking time bomb.

This is why we stress the value of Annual Roof System Tune-Ups as they help extend the life expectancy of your roof system. So many costly repairs both internally and externally can be avoided by properly maintaining one of the most valuable assets in your community. Click here for a free proposal for your next Roof System Tune-Up!


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